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Jeff's Journal

Monday, February 3, 2003


*stares at his hand in amazement and leans back in bed grinning* wow thats all i can really say. Im getting married! I didnt even think we were officially dating and last night Chris took me into the living room and he was looking all nervous and stuff and he got down on one knee and proposed and I swear i thought i was going to pass out. For once in my life things seemed right. *grins softly* OKay dont expect a wedding date no time soon we are still gonna take it slow. But just knowing im Christopher Irvines fiance is the best feeling in the world. Jeffrey Nero Irvine..... I like the sound of that! *crawls back into chris's arm and turns the laptop off*

Current mood: excited

Wednesday, January 8, 2003


hmm hmm hmmm Hey Chriss I found them um water balloons *grins* *chews his lip thinking* ooh we have plenty of bratwurst in the fridge now! *dies laughing*

Monday, December 23, 2002


ok more gifties

For my Crazy ass Brother only becuase your system in your car is a piece of shit and i remember that after traveling with you for so long *grins*

Ok for Chris i wasnt too sure what to get you so i hope you like it:

First off some Ozzy stuff just please dont put that red shit in your hair again lol.

Okay and the last one is well only cause i think your ass will look great in them *laughs*

OKay and for Jay i was really stumped on what to get you but i found something that is pretty cool if you dont like it i kept the receipt so i can switch it for something better but i do hope you like it.

Current mood: artistic


THis is for Sean you and Kevin should have fun with it.

This is for all the other couples cause im not to creative when it comes to presents and i know i m weird compared to yall so you probably wouldnt have liked what i got you lol.

i still got some more to go...

Current mood: working


Okay im gonna start posting gifts and stuff. Dont kill me im just going to post the pictures becuae jeff and lj cut tags never work well together so i apologize ahead of time.

Ok first off my best friend Amy *laughs*. These are for you LEE!
Your a brat *laughs*
You know you love mee

And now you have a bracelet in every colorrr...
I better get hairdye from you!

Ok there is one more thing for you since you do put up with all my crap and since i remember theday we went into Spencers and saw some similar to these you had a fit over them and remember we cracked up at them and couldnt stop laughing at them. Well i couldnt find the picture that cussed but i found something else that did *laughs* So here you gooo.

This is what he says: Hear classic Ozzy lines: "I love you but you're all f-ing! mad", "I'm Ozzy Osbourne, the prince of f-ing darkness, and I f-ing hate bubbles!!"

Tuesday, December 3, 2002


Matthew im soo sorry I wasn’t around when you messaged mee! Im back now if your still hanging around somewhere!!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2002


Lee the Thanksgiving dinner was awesome. Of course you already knew that. Maybe you wont mind if i stay with you a few extra days you wont know im here ijust need to think alot. Plus sean needs his space to think. and well shan took off out of here like a bat outta hell after sean and kev left which was for the best. hmm i htink im gonna write a song.

Current mood: anxious

Tuesday, November 26, 2002


* Sighs * I think I have been sitting around for the past 2 or 3 days thinking about things. I love Sean with all my heart I really do, but its like every corner I turn I see all sorts of things that remind me of my past. For those who may not have known I dated Shannon for 5 years. We broke up when my traveling with the wwe got to be too much. I was never around for him when he needed me. I was always on the road and I couldn’t offer him the emotional support he needed so we decided to go back to being best friends and I dunno here lately I found some of our old photo albums, I found some of his old sweatshirts and stuff and just little things that remind me of the past. Home videos are probably the worst. Being from North Carolina there wasn’t much to do so we would grab a camcorder and make little home movies of things and me and Shan would go and goof off with it back in the woods and just little things I guess. Just makes me remember how it used to be before I was traveling all the time and wrestling. I went from doing 4 shows in a month to doing about 20 a month. Of course its worth it I mean its what we dreamed of doing since we were kids but it makes you wonder if some of the sacrifices you made during it was worth it. Losing Friendships and relationships, missing out on things. That is probably something that will always nag at me. Of course I know now that it would never work with Shan and me. I have Sean now and am happy, He has Mark. I guess its one of those things you will always wonder about. I guess I should go I need to figure out what I am taking to Amy’s for Thanksgiving.

Current mood: contemplative

Friday, November 22, 2002


OK i am NEEVER going shopping again i swear! I went to get some outfits for Aurora and *GROOOOANS* All of these women kept asking me about her or wanting to hold her or asking me if i was single or cooing at her and saying how cute she is and boy do i got a headache. All them women and their perfume i swear!! Lee leee i bought Aurora this ms. claus outfit its really cute but theres only a problem the skirt is a little long do you think you can take it up some on the length?? i tried but i just pricked my finger alot. She does have alot of Winnie the Pooh stuff now though she even has a teething ring that plays the theme *laughs* shes so cute.

Current mood: artistic

Sunday, November 3, 2002


*bounces* if things go well Aurora can come home Wednesday! Leeeeee you gotta come with us to see her she is precious! *grins* PLus you know shes gonna love her aunt lee especially since she will have 2 dads and no mom shes gonna need someone to turn to when she gets older. And i would rather it be you than anyone else. Well i have to go finishe decorating!

Current mood: hyper

Saturday, October 19, 2002


*throws up his hands* Ok so now its my fault Sean left. I was NOT dumping him i merely meant I needed a fuckin week to sort out my head. So im going to do what i should have done a long time ago. Stick to myself. I give up on trying to be perfect for everyone. Wanna know why? Because im fuckin not! I never claimed to be a prince charming or perfect. Why do people twist my words and make me look like a bad guy> *shakes head* Lee your the only one that understands me.

Current mood: pissed off


I have no idea what to do. A part of me still loves Sean and wants to work it out. But having to sit here and watch my back every 5 seconds thinking that Kevin Nash is standing there ready to beat me within an inch of my life isnt exactly my idea of living. So im going on a bit of a break by myself after Raw monday im gonna use my vacation and take off the house shows. Im thinking of working in my studio for a while get some more stuff done there, Maybe go see Lee if she lets me and Liger back in her house after last time. Need to take all this stuff back over to daddys too.

You know i might go back in the little shack i built back when i was a kid with Matt and just lay low in there and really do some soul searching. Liger would love getting to go back in there and run around. I usually dont let him because im afraid people will be in the woods hunting and he will get shot. Also going to redecorate my house. Work on my art some too.

Actually... Lee can i stay in that room at your house you used to let me stay in? I want to repaint the house. I want the walls to be red black and grey camouflage.

OK i need to start getting thing together so i can be at the ppv on time.

Current mood: creative

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

10:40AM - *rubs his eyes and stares at the lap top*

Sean wants a divorce.. I sent him the papers yesterday. There is nothing i can do to stop him. Im sick of being on a tight leash i love sean with all my heart i really do. But I got told i cant drink anymore becuase of a habit he went to rehab for. We got pulled over by the cops and i had some fat burners on me some Xenadrine. The cops couldnt tell what it was at first so they followed normal proocedures and took me in till they got lab results back..They realised it was fat burners and let me go. Sean shot himself. Kevin is with him now. Maybe its true what people say.. No one can tame Jeff Hardy. Or just maybe he doesnt want to be tamed. Lee baby i need to talk to you please.

Current mood: weird

Monday, September 30, 2002


*yawns* yeah yeah i know i havent updated in forever. So fuckin sue me. Matt i have your birthday present at my house. Sorry i didnt give it to you sooner i didnt forget about you i swear bro. I have Raw in Houston Texas tongiht. Which sucks. Sean is with NWA -TNA in Nashville. I would rather be there.

LEee girlie where are you i miss you like crazy woman! Your like my sanity. I say we go shopping Tuesday i know you can go you arent doing anything else. SO PLEAASSEEEEE go with me ill buy you more of those studded braceletes *laughs* i really miss you Lee though. Me and you can raid Hot Topic like the old days. Remember how fun that would be? Back before you were hurt and before the roster split. We would do raw ans the smackdown taping then Wednesday morning when we got home we would sleep half the day then jump in my silver and black mustang and go to hot topic and the mall and get bunches of goofy things. those were the best Lee. Oooh and get those cds of songs people have parodied and karaoke them in the car! I soo miss that Lee. *grins* love you Lee lee your my best friend forever!!

Sean baby have fun in Nashville! Your pugs may lose some weight with you working again. Oh you left your doll under the bed. The action figure doll taht is.

Anyways the extreme one needs some rest and to try and call his best friend.

Current mood: nostalgic

Saturday, September 7, 2002


Heh its been awhile.. First and formost i wanna thank everyone for the awesome birthday gifts. They were alll amzing *grins* Matt the gear came in handy, Lee the body paint and hairdye was rad, just ask Sean half of it ended up on him, Baby your gifts were awesome especially the most important one *touches his wedding band* I could not have asked for anything better. *bounces* I need another dog I know Sean has his 2 lil pugs but Liger needs a lady friend if you get my drift. So i think i need to visit the animal shelter or maybe just take one of shans dogs off him. he has too many anyways. Well i need to get some things together and go see dad.

Current mood: creative

Saturday, August 24, 2002


I have had a wonderful couple of days. First I went shopping with Lee! That girl is super crazy let me tell you. IF you ever get the chance shop in Hot Topic with Lee You are guaranteed laughs! I cannot believe we havent done anything together in so long leee! We really have to work on that! I miss you way too much girlie! You are my best friend always will be there is no replacement out there trust me! OH btw Lee your invited to my wedding to Sean!! For everyone else you are all invited its AUGUST 29!!!! Everyone be thereeeeeeee!!! Sean baby i had so much fun with you you need to come with me and Lee shopping you will have a blast and yes she will like you lol of course! I need to go get things together and pretend i use my crutches lol! See yaa

Current mood: crazy

Tuesday, August 13, 2002


ALright Rich Bitch listen up you either leave Sean Trish and the twins alone or when i get my hands on you there wont be much left of you. I dont condone violence on women but with you ill make an exception. You have been warned!

Tuesday, August 6, 2002


Whooaa man im sooo soreee. Great fight last ngiht though. Me and Sean we are getting married very soon. I love him soo much. Leeee you should come around m,ore often i miss you girly!!! Shanny im glad your happy now you scared us all.. Well i should go and rest with Sean hes really tired.

Monday, July 29, 2002


So basically somehow i came around to bring CJ to the hospital where Shan was and Mark was there so he says hi and we talk about Jericho then Jay and Sean show up and Jay tells sean im a whore and he leaves crying then Jay tells me how im trying to sleep with Mark. So you know what i have to say to that... Sean if you believe him you never loved me anyways and Jay i dont know why you hate me so bad i never touched Mark since you been officially together so im gone it was nice knowing you all but its quite obvious i dont belong here at all


* props his feet up* Bet you didn’t think id update this soon eh! Hey now im not that lazy I don’t think . A few things to update people on I am engaged to Sean now yes I finally got up the nerve to ask him I was scared to death but he luckily said yes. We are moving to the mountains to live because its so peaceful up there. Matt Jo Trish you guys can do whatever with the house I don’t mind Use it if you need it Trish tell me when your next doctors appointment is I would like to go with you if it s cool with you Shan I have CJ right now Kevs maid brought him to my house so I said I would keep him the poor kid misses you and you too Chris. Sean baby I have a surprise for you tonight * grins * Wel I need to go shopping. Bye guys

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